Seven easy ways to come up with more blog content then you can manage

Seven Easy Ways to Come Up with More Blog Content Then You Can Manage

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Most trailblazers who’ve succeeded in the entrepreneurial game give the same three words of advice, “Create more content.”

There are hundreds of accessible options in just about every niche possible for people to choose from nowadays, so why would anyone buy from you? Show them why. Action speaks louder than words. Create content to build the know, like, and trust factor.

As an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do for your clients and audience is to share information, knowledge, tips, and tricks. Get to know your ideal client, let them get to know you, and create content daily that they look forward to and can’t get enough of.

Coming up with content ideas can feel a bit overwhelming though…amIright?


Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, it’s a search engine, and is the second most popular internet search engine next to Google. People use Pinterest to find everything from lifestyle inspiration (recipes, outfits, Halloween costumes, party decorations, and interior design), to travel, business, and everything in between.

It’s a go-to resource that keeps you coming back for more. Why? Because you can find valuable and helpful information, pretty pictures to inspire, and for all of the organizational geeks out there, you can Pin (save) your resources to Boards making it easy to find information later.

So, what does this mean for you, the content creator? Two things.

First and foremost, utilize this platform! Your content is evergreen, meaning, once you create a Pin it’s there for life. When people are searching for a topic, they may come across a Pin that’s two years old, but is still relevant to answer their question.

Second, use this platform to find inspiration for valuable content creation.

  • Pinterest 100 is a helpful resource to dig into what’s currently trending based on themes.
  • Pinterest Trends is another helpful resource for what’s trending based on categories.
    • Log in to your Pinterest account. Go Analytics in the top toolbar, then click on Trends.

If your niche or business doesn’t line up 100% with what’s trending on Pinterest. Get creative in combining your niche, products, and services around the latest trends. For example, I could write an article about ‘What to Wear for a Personal Branding Session’ while using fall outfit trends. Or, I could write an article about studio backdrops and incorporate fall wallpaper trends.

Get creative and have fun with this.

Seven easy ways to come up with more blog content then you can manage


Quora is a question-and-answer platform where anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer a question. This is the perfect place to go for inspiration on blog topics because real people are asking real questions.

I would recommend using your keywords and key phrases specific to your business to find questions that your ideal clients are asking. Then write a blog post to answer those questions. You can also answer the question in Quora which will allow you to link to your website (backlink) and send traffic to your site.

In the example below I typed in ‘Personal Branding’. The questions that came up will make excellent blog topics, and I can also brainstorm more ideas around those questions.

Seven easy ways to come up with more blog content then you can manage


Here’s a list of free SEO tools:

I like Ubbersuggest so I’m going to refer to that tool here. Don’t limit yourself; try a few different ones to see which one you like the best. Or switch them up once in a while to get different results.

Type a keyword or key phrase in the space provided on the front page and hit enter. You’ll automatically be redirected to a results page showing you keyword overview, keyword ideas, and content ideas. Click ‘view all content ideas’. You’ll see a list of most viewed articles around the keywords/phrases you entered.

In the example below I typed in ‘Headshot Photography’.

Browse a bit and get ready to be inspired!

Seven easy ways to come up with more blog content then you can manage


Google Alerts allows you to monitor new content around specific topics. You can follow things that are in alignment with your business and your ideal client.

Go to Google Alerts. Enter a topic you want to follow, for example, headshot photography. Click ‘Show Options’ to select how often you’d like to receive notifications, from where you’d like the information to come from, language, region, and where to send the notifications. Then click ‘Create Alert’.

You’ll see in the example below I typed in ‘Headshot Photography’ and ‘Personal Branding’.

Add your name to the list to be notified when someone posts about you or links to your content.

Seven easy ways to come up with more blog content then you can manage


Join Facebook Groups and forums that are relevant to your niche and ideal client. Pay attention to the questions group and forum members are asking and write content around popular themes and topics that come up.


Most entrepreneurs I know are constantly reading and listening to podcasts to not only learn as much as possible but also as a leisure activity. Yep, you know you’ve gone off the deep end of entrepreneurship when you’re reading business, mindset, and finance books as a way to unwind ???? And, who doesn’t like a good podcast while out for a run, a walk with the dog, or while folding laundry.

Don’t let that knowledge go to waste! If you’re like me, you get inspired by listening to others who are further ahead in the game than you are. As I listen to or read about others who are changing the game of life, I am reminded of how far I’ve come, the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and things I wish I had known nine years ago.

Write about those things! Let your clients and audience get to know you at a deeper level. Don’t copy what others are doing, and don’t let that inspired action go to waste. Make a list. Or better yet, as soon as the inspiration hits, sit down and start writing. It comes out easier and is more authentic and from the heart.


Your family and friends ask a lot of questions about what you do. Especially if they’re not an entrepreneur or don’t understand what you do. For example, explaining a digital course creation online business to someone who works in corporate America and doesn’t spend time in the online world will have a lot of questions. Pay attention. Write content around those conversations.



  • Share stories to connect to your ideal client’s pain points, greatest desires, values, and core beliefs.
  • Share your dreams and aspirations to connect with your ideal client.
  • Share stories of your life so potential clients can get to know, like, and trust you.
  • Share funny stories about sessions.
  • Share reviews.
  • Share behind the scenes.
  • Share failures and wins.

Be authentic and let your personality shine to attract your ideal clients and repel others who aren’t a good match.


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