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I’ll preface this by saying I’m well aware that other people have grown their Pinterest account much quicker than I have, and I completely understand that the number of Viewers is a vanity metric, I’m merely sharing what I’ve learned so far; it really has been a game-changer for increasing traffic to my website.

Up to this point I’ve resisted putting a lot of effort into social media for two reasons; I’ve honed in my SEO and 90% of clients come from referrals.

Only 3% of followers actually see your content on Facebook and Instagram and it’s gone or buried in less than 24 hours. Pinterest content is evergreen, meaning that it’s there for good. Your content never goes away or gets buried. When you share valuable content, people will still find it useful ten years from now.

Pinterest is not social media, it’s a search engine. People use it the same way they use Google, to search for ideas, design, art, and travel. Then Pinterest goes a step further in tying all of those things together in a beautiful way—each Board and Pin is a representation of your lifestyle and dreams.

I feel motivated and inspired while on Pinterest. I feel like I’m in my own little world while learning and growing. Within five minutes I can find a new recipe for dinner, new lighting ideas for my next photoshoot, and design ideas for my home.

Pinterest is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs as it gives you the opportunity to share your talent and knowledge while driving traffic back to your website. Your website is your digital storefront, so when you get more traffic to your website, you create more leads and make more sales.


  1. Pin at least two Pins per day.
  2. Use Tailwind or the native Pinterest scheduler to batch schedule Pins. From what I understand, Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner so you won’t get penalized for using a third-party scheduler.
  3. Write one blog post, then create six Pins using templates. See the above example of how I created six Pins for this blog post.
  4. Pin each one of those six Pins (templates) to a different board—six boards total.
  5. For all of you photographers out there, let’s say for example you create a blog post using ten photos, Pin each one of those photos separately to your Pinterest Boards linking back to that blog post. You can then add each one of those photos to six templates to create an additional 60 Pins from one blog post. Then schedule six Pins per day for the next ten days.
    • Your Pins/photos no longer need to be a specific size. You can Pin horizontal, vertical, or square images.
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) applies to Pinterest. Use focus keywords specific to your business, content, and ideal client in the title and description of each Pin.
    • You can utilize up to 100 characters for the title, however, only 30-35 characters show up in people’s fields while searching so be strategic in using your keywords.
  7. Use a Geotag in the title and the description of each Pin.
  8. Use keywords for Board names and make sure to fill out the Board description using your focus keywords.
  9. Pinterest uses OCR: Optical Character Recognition and can detect/read the text on your images created in design software like Photoshop and Canva to attribute keywords.
  10. Pinterest assigns Interest to photos (or Pins). When Pinning photos, be sure to Pin each to more than one board. Each photo is associated with at least five different Interests. Let’s use a photo of a person paddleboarding with a dog as an example. Interests included in that image: dog, paddleboarding, outdoor activities, travel, lake/ocean, and health and wellness.

Focus keywords and consistency is key here. And, most importantly, have fun and don’t get too distracted while on Pinterest! Lol! Set a timer if you have to.

Want help getting started with Pinterest? Click HERE for six customizable Canva templates.

Six FREE Customizable Canva Pinterest Templates

Pinning to Pinterest daily can feel a bit overwhelming, so let me introduce you to Tailwind. Full confession, up to discovering Tailwind, I had NOT been a fan of third-party apps. I’ve been using native schedulers on social media for years. This app, however, literally saves me hours of work.

It’s super time efficient and easy to batch schedule 20, 30, 40, or 100s of Pins at a time inside Tailwind versus scheduling one Pin at a time in the native Pinterest scheduler. Tailwind gives you the freedom to schedule months in advance whereas the native Pinterest scheduler only allows scheduling two weeks in advance. Last week I sat down and scheduled posts for ten months out in just a few hours.

Tailwind automatically selects the best times to post based on your audience habits so your Pins are sure to show up in the Smart feed. You can join tribes of like-minded Pinners. They share your content and you can share their content—it’s a win-win for everyone. Tailwind lets you easily Pin other Pinner’s Pins. And you can add more Pins to the queue any time you want, shuffle scheduled Pins, and manually move scheduled Pins. Tailwind is definitely a HUGE time-saver.

Contact me for more information on how to grow your Pinterest account! It’s a great resource for SEO—Search Engine Optimization.

**NOTE** Some products listed above are systems and tools that I personally use and love. Each one of them has helped me grow my business in one way or another. I would NEVER list something here that I do not stand behind 100%. That being said, when you click through these links to purchase any of these products, I will receive a small referral bonus; there is absolutely no extra cost to you. Thank you!



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