Realize your badassness to empower, inspire, make a statement, and share your most valuable gifts with the world.

Hello Kindred Spirit,

If you’ve landed here on this website, then we probably have a lot in common—adventure, exploration, curiosity, and undying love for humanity, while searching for the meaning of life.

We see beauty in the ordinary. We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We find comfort in discomfort. We’re always learning and always growing.

My life has been driven by this search for meaning and led me to where I am today. I began my career as a mechanical designer in corporate America, working for big-name companies like Harley-Davidson. While that career gave me the means to travel the world and build a beautiful life, I was always yearning for something more.

Something deeper.

I wanted to live my life’s purpose but didn’t know what that would look like or how it would come to fruition. I just knew it was time to step out on my own. Always creative at heart, I took a leap of faith and started a website design studio.

Web design and branding your business goes much deeper than color selection, the artistry of your logo, and the style of your website. Creating a soul-led brand starts with YOU, so we take the time to dig deep.

I use my profound gifts of high sensitivity and deep intuition to create a high energy, creative, and safe space while empowering you to show up as your best self.

My goal is to capture your heart and then translate that into a digital storytelling platform through branding your business.

I look forward to being your guide as we join together to unearth who you are at the core, discover your truth, and share your gifts with the world.

Lovingly, Tina

When you get real and honest about what you stand for, it’s exciting to share your message with the world through branding your business.

I draw inspiration from travel, nature, architecture, and life experience to create designs that are simple, graceful, honest, and timeless.

I use my profound gifts of high sensitivity and deep intuition to create a high energy, creative, and safe space while empowering you to show up as your best self. My goal is to capture your heart and who you are at the core and then translate that into a digital storytelling platform through branding your business.

Wisdom is the intersection of lived experience, awareness, and intuitive knowing.




Tina is creative, thoughtful, and very easy to work with. She took feedback from countless volunteers and staff and created a logo and webpage design that are top-notch, user-friendly, attractive, and adaptable. We have already used her services a second time, and we will definitely do so again in the future.


Tina made my dream come true in making my website and blog come to life. I have zero technology skills, Tina was able to teach me everything I needed to know in how to operate and grow my website. She is a part of the process every step of the way. Tina takes the knowledge she has acquired and shares it in every effort to help make your website a success.


It feels very genuine and heartfelt to share my wonderful experience working with Tina LeAnn, who was referred to me by a trusted friend. Tina is such a joy to work with as she is a fun, creative strategist who helped me develop my brand and image with ease. She did a lot of the heavy lifting!

You may think you know what you want going into a project, but Tina focuses in on hearing you and applying her mastery and research to bring your vision to life. She ultimately designed an amazing website to share my story and showcase my business…including taking some great photos of me which brought out my personality and were perfect for my website. Her follow through is excellent and she delivers what she promises – and more!

Tina brings a lot to the table and her scope of expertise is beyond just branding, coaching and website creation. So, we will be working together on an ongoing basis to market me and my business. She is simply too much of a gem to not have her energy, creativity, and great thinking as part of my life and business going forward. 

I have been extremely satisfied since switching over to Erdmann Media Services for my website and SEO services. I had bad experiences with three previous website development and SEO companies who all over-promised, overcharged, and under-delivered. I’ve received the exact opposite since I started working with Erdmann Media Services.

They are very proactive in options for maximizing the SEO for my website and are always very clear with what will be accomplished in the time it will take to do it, and the traffic to my website has substantially increased since working with Erdmann Media Services.

Sadly, you hear nightmares about working with SEO companies because they don’t really do much for you, or they are just taking you for a ride. I found the complete opposite working with Web Design Badassery.

Her service was one of the best values I’ve experienced in a long time. She took time before our call to research my company and map out a plan. As a creative, SEO is one of the elements that I struggled to understand, but she made it really simple. Her action plan is easy to follow and implement. As we talked about the review and plan, an amazing Brand Strategy unfolded, which I am super excited to implement ( and a bit nervous), but this strategy will definitely be a game changer in my Portrait Business.

I can’t recommend Web Design Badassery enough. If you have been considering an SEO service, especially from this company, do not hesitate. It will be one of the best investments into your company you’ve made in a long time – hands down.

Again, I highly recommend their services. You won’t regret it.